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Use a Wine Log and
Keep Track of your Wine Tasting

Using a wine log is a great way to keep track of the wines you have tried when you visit the vineyards.

For wine lovers and experts, a wine log is probably something you already use to keep a record of the wines that you have tasted. It is a fun way to take notes of the flavors, aromas, crispness and other details of each grape variety. You can also write other details in your log book, like the price vs. flavor, what you liked about the winery, and make notes of your favorites.

You can organize your notes by vineyard, grape variety, country, and region. The wine's "varietal" is categorized by the grape that it is made from. Certain regions grow a certain grape variety based on climate and soil conditions. Previous season's weather conditions can affect the current harvest.

There are a few ways to keep a wine log:

  • Simply, a notebook or notepad
  • Use a preprinted wine journal that you can buy in a bookstore or amazon.com. They usually have wording printed to help you organize wines by red, white and sparkling
  • a nice lined journal note pad
  • download an app to your phone to help you keep track of the wines
  • join an online web community where you can sign in and keep track of the wines you have tried.
The last choice, by far, is the most fun and interactive way to keep track of the wines you have tried. By joining one of these online communities, you can add friends and keep track of their favorites and learn who has similiar taste as you. A quick search online and you will find one of these sites at www.winelog.net or www.logabottle.com.

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