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Adventureland Amusement Park

The Frisbee will spin you around and is a great ride at Adventureland in Farmingdale

If you live on Long Island, you have probably visited Adventureland Amusement Park at least once in your life. You most likely have experienced one of Long Island's biggest attractions either in your youth or have taken your kids there.

Adventureland Amusement Park in Farmingdale, NY, is Long Island's very own fun and entertaining theme park. Although, it's not huge in size like Disneyworld, there is no shortage of fun, games, thrilling rides, and entertainment for the whole family.

The park is located right off of Broadhollow Rd. (Rt. 110). As you pull into the entrance, you will enter a narrow road that runs along the side of the park. There are parking spots along this path, but unless you get to the park when it first opens, you will most likely have to park by the rear entrance. There are plenty of spots.

There are two entrances: you can enter by the rear parking lot or on the side, along the narrow entrance path. The ticket booth is closest to the side entrance.

The front of the park is geared for toddlers and really small kids. There are plenty of rides and the area is extremely family oriented, with friendly ride operators and various vendors selling dipping dots, soda, and candy.

In the very front of the children's area, is a large ferris wheel, suitable for everyone!

Adventureland Amusement Park has many fun rides! My favorites are the Music Express (hold on tight!) and the Hurrican Coaster.

If you like rides that spin you around with many drops, then you should try the Frisbee. You must have a strong stomach to enjoy this ride.

Adventureland has a fun water ride called Adventure Falls to cool you off on a hot day.

As you walk towards the back of the park, you will see all the games where you can win some great prizes.

When you get hungry you can eat at the large cafeteria style food area, where you can buy hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, and ice cream.

Candy from Adventureland

The Bavarian Village sells items like candy, fudge, Adventureland memorabilia, clothing, and gift items.


Adventureland Amusement Park has a state of the art, air conditioned arcade where you can play games like Guitar Hero and Wheel of Fortune, and jump along to the beat of music.

Ticket Prices

  • POP bracelet: $22.99
  • Single tickets: $1.00
  • Each ride is 3-5 tickets

There are group rates for all sorts of gatherings like camp outings, birthday parties, and family reunions:
  • 22-49 people: $19.50 per person
  • 50 or more people: $16.50 per person
With a group rate, a food package is $6.50 per person. This includes a choice of hamburger, hot dog, or chicken nuggets with french fries and a soda.

Things you should know

  • No smoking - there are a ton of kids around
  • You are not allowed to have flip flops on the rides
  • No refunds allowed
  • Establish a meeting place in case you get separated

Rides at Adventureland

Water Rides

  • Adventure Falls: Flume Ride
    5 tickets
    48" to ride with an adult
    54" to ride alone

  • Crocodile Run
    4 tickets
    44" to ride with an adult
    48" to ride alone

  • Little Dipper
    4 tickets
    36" to ride with an adult
    44" to ride alone

Thrill Rides

  • Bumper Cars
    4 tickets
    54" to ride

  • Frisbee
    5 tickets
    48" to ride

  • Ghost House
    4 tickets
    Under 48" must ride with someone over 48"
    2 person minimum

  • Hurrican Coaster
    5 tickets
    48" to ride

  • John Silver's Twister
    4 tickets
    42" to ride

  • Music Express
    4 tickets
    48" to ride

  • Pirate Ship
    5 tickets
    48" to ride with an adult
    54" to ride alone

Kids and Family

  • Antique Cars
    3 tickets
    48" to ride alone
    2 person minimum

  • Balloon Tower
    3 tickets
    48" to ride alone
    Under 48" with adult

  • Ferris Wheel
    3 tickets
    54" to ride alone
    Under 54" with an adult
    2 person minimum

  • Free Whale
    3 ticketsUnder 54" to ride

  • Glass House
    4 tickets

  • Lady Bug Coaster
    4 tickets
    48" to ride alone

  • Merry Go Round
    3 tickets
    Must have tickets or POP to ride with child

  • Train
    3 tickets

  • Wave Swing
    4 tickets
    48" to ride alone
    44" to 48" can ride with adult

The Crocodile Run is a water ride at Long Island's biggest attraction-Adventureland

There are 10 kiddie rides just for the really little kids. Many of these rides require riders be under 54".

Hours vary depending on day of the week and time of year. You can check the schedule for hours of operation.

Directions to Adventureland Amusement Park

Adventureland Amusement Park is located at 2245 Broad Hollow Rd. (Rt. 110), Farmingdale, NY 11735. The phone # is (631) 694-6868

View Larger Map

From Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens:
Take the Long Island Expressway (495) to exit 49 South.
Make a right at the 2nd light (Rt. 110).
Continue South on Rt. 110 for about 2 miles.
The park is on the left.

From Long Island:
Take the Long Island Expressway (495) to exit 49 South.
Continue South on Rt. 110 for about 2 miles.
The park is on the left

Take the Southern State Pkway to exit 32 North (Rt. 110).
Continue north on Rt. 110 for 3 miles.
Park is on the right

Take the Northern State Pkway to exit 40 South (Rt. 110).
Continue South on Rt. 110 for about 3 miles.
Park is on the left.

Public Transportation:
The N70 Bus stops 1/2 blocks south of the park.
The S1 and 2B bueses stop 1/2 blocks north of the park.

For more great Long Island fun, visit Splish Splash Water Park!

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